Haiku Logon Difficulties on Android Devices

Problem: Some physicians experience difficulty logging into Haiku on Android devices.  This is occasionally also seen on iOS devices running Haiku  or Canto.

Context: Android devices may fail to recognize and use the virtual private network (VPN) "Tunnel" that needs to be active in order for Haiku to connect to its server. Re-setting the network connections (going into Airplane mode and then out again) can correct this lapse. 

Tunnel failures happen very rarely with iOS, but the fix is the same: enter and then exit Airplane mode. 

Solution: Each of these troubleshooting strategies can be tried:
  1. Switch phone to airplane mode and then switch back to Wifi (Wait 30 seconds after switching back).
  2. Switch phone to cellular or Wifi depending on current network connection. (Wait 30 seconds after switching).
  3. Cycle through different Wifi’s to re-establish a network connection. (Wait 30 seconds after switching).