Connect Care Day 004 Fixes

Continuing our daily tally of illustrative (selected) fixes...
  • Ticket Resolution - breaking in a complex system, implemented on a large scale in very different clinical contexts, brings forth an impressive number of 'tickets'. These range from trivial matters to substantive optimization requests to high-priority items that could directly affect patient care. Understandably, there are many duplicates. Based on raw, unfiltered, numbers, 50% of ~8,000 tickets got closed with 100% of critical tickets closed and 83% of important tickets closed in the same day. 
  • Cutover provider mis-assignment - a temporary default most responsible provider assignment has affected a small number of charts. With a fix made, and the problem not recurring, any inaccuracies are being corrected.
  • Pharmacy Information Network - efforts to integrate PIN into medication reconciliation activities have proved frustrating in practice and so the interface is disabled until more discrete drug information can be transferred.
  • Session stealing - adjustments to Windows logon configurations appear to have resolved most of the Citrix session loss problems experienced in some settings.
  • ER printing - printer and label maker mappings in the emergency room appear to be sorted.
  • and lots of other adjustments...