Connect Care Day 003 Fixes

Continuing our daily tally of illustrative (selected) fixes...
  • Ticket Resolution - many hundreds of "tickets" are processed daily; as ticket volumes peak (expected at this time), please understand that the most pressing (affecting safety) tickets are prioritized for first attention.
  • Insulin Management - Connect Care launched with glucose management tools befitting provincial guidelines and best practice, but found this incurring a difficult change burden; continuous IV insulin ordersets were built to help bridge us to full BBIT compliance.
  • Finding Order Items - many have expressed concern about difficulty finding orderable items (medications, tests, procedures) using common search terms. A number of improvements are made: 1) search engine improvement to use "fuzzy logic" to deal with things like spelling errors, 2) turn off feature that auto-selects single-hit search results, 3) addition of many synonyms to improve the completeness of search results. 
  • Medication details - a very large number of tweaks have improved the manner in which medications can be set for exactly the delivery methods needed in specialized contexts. Ongoing focus on issues unique to critical care.
  • Ultrasound DI Names - a problem with inconsistent naming of some diagnostic imaging tests has been fixed. Also, making orders very clear about location of test (POC vs DI).
  • and lots of other adjustments...