Help us Help you

It is great that users are making good use of the Connect Care Concierge ( to record non-urgent issues and suggestions. A lot of material is coming in, getting categorized and prioritized and then routed for solutioning.

It is already apparent that many help requests are not as helpful as we would like. Analysts consume valuable resources (time) trying to figure out what the problem is in many cases.

When reporting an issue or suggestion, please be as specific as possible, making sure that all fields are filled (e.g. drop-down list indicating clinical area). When describing a problem, please use succinct text that is clear about:

  • Devices - are any medical or non-medical devices involved? If so, what is the actual device number (all devices have a unique number on a prominent label)?
  • Keywords - include in the title specific keywords as much as possible (e.g., flowsheets, navigators, orders, referrals, etc.)
  • Medications - be specific about the drug name, strength and form.
  • Order Sets - try to capture and accurately report the actual orderset name (as it appears in lists)
  • Patient - if a problem is specific to a particular patient, make reference to the Connect Care medical record number (MRN)