Why do I get a procedure task-list when logging on?

Problem: Early personalization labs, where users start their access to the production version of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS), revealed some logon problems for some users. Upon entering username/password, then department, a screen would appear listing procedures to be done or reviewed. But this had no relevance to the user. The screen had to be 'cancelled' in order to proceed.

Cause: It turns out there was an error in the setup of some physician user profiles. A 'Diagnostics Intervention Review' role sub-template was inadvertently attached to over 400 physicians.

Solution: The rogue sub-template is being removed from the affected physician templates. There is nothing for users to do. The fix should to be completed by end of September 2019. Please inform ConnectCare.Fixes@ahs.ca if an unexpected task management tool appears between logon and hyperspace load after that date.