Why is Haiku failing for lack of a 'profile'?

Problem: "I followed the instructions for installing Connect Care mobility management on my personal devices, then for installing Haiku and Canto, but when I click on Haiku on my iPhone or Canto on my iPad I get: 'No environments configured' and nothing further happens."

Cause: It sounds like you were able to install the mobile clinical information system (CIS) apps from the Workspace One Catalogue (see image), but the apps subsequently did not receive their configuration settings from the mobility management system. This can happen if you did not wait long enough, changed networks before configuration completed, or turned off your device before configuration completed. Note that the app will appear on your device well before the configuration finishes.

Solution: Even though the apps are downloaded, you can "re-install" from the Catalogue (even though the Catalogue shows the app already installed). Tap the "installed" green button to the right of Haiku or Canto in the Catalogue (see image). Carefully observe an allow prompts asking you to install the app and to allow management of the app. You must allow management in order for the configuration settings to be downloaded and installed.