More Troubleshooting - PowerMic Mobile on iOS Devices

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  • PowerMic Mobile update problems on iOS Devices
PowerMic Mobile (PMM) users on iOS devices have reported problems related to update notices on their devices that, when followed, result in PMM connection problems. The following instructions are reported to solve the problem, both ensuring a current version install and configuration with the needed AHS settings.
  1. Find the PMM app on the current iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and tap-hold to reveal a pop-up menu to access the "Remove App" command. Remove the app.

  2. When prompted, make sure to delete the PMM app completely.

  3. Proceed to re-install from the Workspace ONE catalogue (installed when setting up Haiku for iOS) as instructed in the Clinician Manual and its iOS tip sheet for PMM.

        - Manual: Installing PowerMic Mobile
        - Tip: Installing Mobile Apps on iOS Devices

Ensure that "Nuance PowerMic Mobile" is selected as the microphone on the Connect Care session where PMM is launched.