Outpatient Problem Oriented Charting Supports

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  • Problem Oriented Charting Supports for Outpatient Visits
Problem Oriented Charting (POC) is an approach to clinical documentation that emphasizes what is new and important in a patient's healthcare experience, keyed to a list of active problems. Clinicians can better track treatments and trends for multiple evolving issues. 

POC was first introduced to Connect Care in support of more effective and efficient documentation by inpatient teams. Many clinicians have used and helped to improve the tools. Those same clinicians have requested access to POC documentation in outpatient encounters (visits, documentation, orders, telehealth, etc.). 

Although POC workflows differ somewhat in outpatient contexts, the basic approach is the same and documentation building blocks are similar. We are pleased to expose those tools, together with standardized summative and progress documentation templates, alongside a new outpatient sidebar index

Training and workflow supports are linked in the Clinician Manual: