Facility-to-Facility Medication Reconciliation Streamlined

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  • Medication Reconciliation Enhancements
A Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) is needed when patients present to a Connect Care encounter from a setting (e.g., home or facility) not using the Connect Care clinical information system. The BPMH outcome will be a new or updated list of "home" medications for comparison to medication choices made within the current encounter.

When patients present from facilities also using Connect Care (e.g., patient sent from a long-term care facility to an emergency department for assessment), their facility medication list takes the place of a home medication list. In these cases, there is no need to re-build the medication list through a BPMH process. A home medication list should not be populated. Medication reconciliation involves deciding which pre-encounter facility medications should be continued, held or stopped when the patient is admitted to the new facility.

To make this straightforward, the usual "Home Medications" navigator sections are hidden for Connect Care long-term care patients presenting to Connect Care emergency departments. Instead, the pre-encounter facility medications are displayed and a link is provided to a navigator facilitating the selective re-ordering of pre-encounter facility medications.