Quick Click Update for Ambulatory Encounters

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  • 'Quick Click' Update for Ambulatory Encounters 
As of April 21, 2022, new functionality has been enabled for outpatient encounters to make it easier to rapidly route notes to the patient's primary care provider (PCP) and referring provider. The Quick Click communication function does not work for hospital outpatient department encounters (HODs; e.g., Rehabilitation Medicine).
  • Clinical observations (consultation or updates) can be documented in the progress note associated with an outpatient encounter. When prescribers use this note to record all pertinent clinical observations, assessments and plans, the progress note can then be incorporated into a standardized "letter" that goes out (e.g., to PCP, referring provider, copied provider) via the "communications" part of an outpatient navigator. A new shortcut allows this workflow to be automated.

  • To send an outpatient progress note to the patient's PCP and referring provider, click the "Send to PCP & referring" checkbox appearing at the top-right of the note editor.
    • The PCP and referring provider fields must be populated in the patient's chart for this checkbox to appear. If one of these fields are not filled in, the checkbox will be named "Send to PCP" or "Send to referring". If neither field is populated, "Send notes" will appear.

    • The outpatient communication letter will be routed using the receiving providers' default communication method.

  • Note that this workflow also sends the communication to Netcare (and, later this year, to community EMRs that have updated to receive such letters via eDelivery) and should be used only when this is appropriate.

  • To edit the communication before it is sent, including adding additional recipients (e.g., copying yourself), click the "Communications" link to the right of the checkbox or use the communications section of the "wrap up" navigator.
    • If there is no PCP or referring provider indicated in the chart, they can be added in the communications tool.
In addition to the new functionality, the content of the relevant letter templates (AHS TO REFPROV + NETCARE CONSULT, PRESCRIBER PROGRESS NOTES [Consult/Netcare Notes] and AHS TO REFPROV + NETCARE PROCEDURE, PRESCRIBER PROCEDURE NOTES [Proc/Netcare Notes]) has been simplified:
  • Modified content: "Please find below select notes from the Connect Care medical record for @FNAME@ @LNAME@."
  • Previous content: "Thank you for referring @FNAME@ @LNAME@ to me for evaluation. Below are my notes for this consultations. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me."
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