Mental Health Act Flag Order - Update

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  • Improvement to Mental Health Act Order 
The Mental Health Act (MHA) order, Flag Patient as Certified (Mental Health Act), is used as a communication tool, to display an alert in the patient's Storyboard based on the information in the order. As of April 21, 2022, new required questions will be seen when the prescriber places this order: 
  • In the "Certificate" section of the order window, which MHA Form the patient is being certified on must be chosen.
  • Based on the Form selected, required cascading questions will appear where date and time of issuance or triage date and time must be specified (backdating is possible). This time will then be visible in the Storyboard.

Relevant to this update is the recent Bill 17 (Mental Health Amendment Act), which has expanded the scope of practice for nurse practitioners (NPs), enabling the ability to issue admission certificates, renewal certificates and community treatment orders. NPs should be familiar with their legislated scope of practice and which MHA Forms they are able to complete. For more support, please refer to Bill 17 Summary of Changes or contact

MHA eForms will continue to be developed when the Connect Care Teams have capacity to work on continuous improvement items; in the meantime, MHA Forms must be manually completed and scanned into Connect Care.