New Public Health Act Order and Flag

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  • New Inpatient Order - Public Health Act Certification
A prior posting drew attention to a Manual section explaining how enforced assessments are managed in Connect Care, including how certification is indicated through placement of an order that places an appropriate flag on the patient chart.

A recent order enhancement makes it easy to access and act upon all requirements relating to enforced detention, assessment, isolation or treatment under provisions of the Public Health Act (PHA). 
  1. Within a patient chart opened to an inpatient encounter, open the Orders activity and use "certified" to look up the "Flag Patient as Certified (Public Health Act)" order.
  2. Select the order to edit its properties, noting that instructions are provided about requirements that must be met to activate the provisions of the PHA.
  3. The order contains links to the required forms, which can be completed electronically, printed and scanned to the chart using Media Manager. (Note that the Section 39 and 44 and Notification of Patient Rights Forms must be printed off and given to the patient and those who need a copy of it. Please refer to the Process document hyperlink for specific details.)
  4. Action links in the order enable the generation of required notification letters, which can be composed and sent from within Connect Care.
  5. Signing the order will place a flag on the patient's Storyboard, a visual indicator that a patient is certified.
  6. Discontinuing the order (found in the "Precautions" section of the active orders list) will remove the certification flag. Modifying the order will provide access to useful links, including ones for generating letters to be used when discontinuing the certification order.