Choosing the Correct Blood Gas POCT Order

Problem: When ordering point of care test (POCT) blood gases, prescribers may be confused by the available options (arterial, venous, capillary) being listed with a "Type" of "Nursing". Although these test requests are sometimes fulfilled by nurses, they are often handled by other clinicians such as registered respiratory therapists (RRTs). Some prescribers have been selecting inappropriate Blood Gas POCT orders. 

Context: The below screenshot includes orders primarily handled by respiratory services. Though all orders are listed as a "Nursing" type order, and though they may be drawn by nursing or other disciplines, they are still managed by respiratory services. Therefore, for example, "Blood Gas Arterial POCT, Type - Nursing" is the correct order for an Arterial Blood Gas to be drawn and run by an RRT.

Solution: The "Type" classification cannot be changed to display the expected "Respiratory" or "Respiratory/Nursing", for a variety of reasons. However, once the correct Blood Gas POCT order is found, it can be saved as a favourite.