Interfacility Transfer Navigator, LOA for Procedure Improvements

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  • Improved Inter-facility Transfer and Procedure LOA Workflows
A new consolidated Inter-Facility Transfer (IFT) navigator appears in Connect Care starting October 13, 2020. This addresses concerns of both sending and receiving sites, improving the quality of communication and documentation. 

The prior "IFT to Connect Care Site" and "IFT to Non-Connect Care Site" navigators are combined to a single IFT navigator. This provides a consistent experience while guiding providers about the specific orders documentation required for different transfer scenarios. In particular, medication reconciliation and recommended orders are summarized in a standardized IFT Note for receiving non-Connect Care sites.

The new navigator has embedded instructions. Additional or updated guidance appears in the Manual and in linked Tips and Demos, which should be referred to the first few times that a prescriber uses the IFT or Procedure LOA workflows: