Schedulable Orders Enhancement

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  • Schedulable Orders Enhancement
Schedulable orders allow prescribers to request health care interventions to be performed sometime in the future by another group that makes scheduling and other arrangements. Examples include requests for pulmonary function testing and phototherapy.

Schedulable orders usually relate to the outpatient context and so are encountered within ambulatory orders or "external orders" for inpatients.  These are not simple laboratory tests that can be ordered for future dates, or a series of recurring dates.

Like many cardiology and diagnostic imaging orders, more than one location may be able to do the work. The key distinction is whether the intervention will be performed at a facility that uses Connect Care, allowing for digital information flows, or an external facility, requiring printed requisitions.

Schedulable Orders emulate Cardiology and Imaging orders by asking prescribers to choose between a Connect Care fulfillment location (default) or a Non-Connect Care location. If Connect Care, then the actual location must be selected. The order will route electronically and the chosen location will proceed with scheduling.

To expedite the ordering process for prescribers who typically order procedures for the same preferred site, it is possible to personalize schedulable orders. 
  • If an order has typical properties entered, select the "Accept" button, then be sure to select the star symbol to mark a personal preference. 
  • An "Add to Preference List" dialog (popup) will appear. Confirm the order parameters and be sure to select the "Copy from Order" link.
  • Give the personalized order an appropriate name (e.g., OP PFT at KEC Lung Lab). 
  • Alternately, use the Preference List Composer to create a personalized Schedulable Order from scratch.