Connect Care Fixes Review - December 19, 2019

By this point (almost 2 months post-launch), there are countless fixes and optimizations already in place. A few highlights are listed (and added to from time to time) here...
  • MAR Access: It was discovered that some Connect Care user groups, mainly trainees, have the ability to order medications but lack access to the Medication Administration Record (MAR) to review when which medications have been received by a patient. Medication review, including reorders and discontinuations, requires precise knowledge of the time and frequency of medication use. By applying a general principle --- that anyone who prescribes should have MAR access -- we believe that the trainee and other missed groups have been taken care of.
  • Spiritual Health and Indigenous Health Consults: Support is added to enable inpatient requests for spiritual care consults and indigenous health consults. The ordering process is analogous to requests for other health professional engagement. Documentation can also be filtered by contributions from these health care team members.
  • Notes from Clinical Staff: In addition to personal sticky notes and specialty notes, Notes to Clinical Staff can be useful for non-urgent prompts between teams (e.g., consider downgrading the vitals monitoring intensity). These are now prominently display on the Vitals flowsheet as well as the chart summary display.