Dragon Medical One is Freezing

Problem: Dragon Medical One (DMO) is the software, integrated with the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) that enables speech recognition and in-system dictation. We are receiving sporadic reports of the DMO software freezing within Hyperspace sessions. The DMO session is rendered temporarily unusable. This is an emerging issue. Alberta Health Services Provincial Speech Recognition (PSR) team is working with the vendor (Nuance) to resolve this issue.

Cause: Although a conflict between the DMO software and the Citrix container which it works within is suspected, all potential root causes are being explored. This includes possible network issues. Specialists are onsite to observe and gather diagnostic data.
Solution: There is no fix at this time. Progress will be communicated. The best mitigation appears to be to force closure of both Epic Hyperspace and DMO, completely close the browser and Citrix, then re-initiate a logon.

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  1. Update: Pleased to report that the "freezing" problem appears to be resolved with some network and firewall adjustments.

    Dragon is also now workining in all the environments where it is expected.

    A remaining minor problem with use of PowerMic Mobile to train new vocabulary has a work-around where the PMM mic button is pressed before the DMO train vocab button.


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