Lost Access to Connect Care Icon in MyApps

Problem: Some physicians have reported that one or more Connect Care environment icons (e.g., Connect Care PLY, Connect Care PRD) have recently disappeared when they log on to the Unified Access Portal (UAP) at myapps.ahs.ca.

Cause: The Connect Care initiative has triggered a major clean-up of Medical Affairs, Active Directory and Provider Registry content. Common standards are being applied across Alberta Health Services for things like password expiration dates. As part of this work, some physician application permissions were inadvertently reset (when applying the account standards). About 600 physician accounts are affected. The physicians retain access to the UAP but may have lost access to Connect Care production (something they gained in personalization workshops).

Solution: First, make sure that you really have "lost" an icon. Check the full list of "Apps", as it is possible that the Connect Care application is available but somehow no longer marked as one of your favourites. If the PRD icon still cannot be found, then know that all disrupted accounts will have been batch-fixed by Monday October 21. If PRD access is needed before that time, please request a correction via ConnectCare.SupportTeam.Security@ahs.ca. They know the physician permissions and can do a quick manual fix. More information available in Connect Care Physician Manual.