Interfacility Transfer Workflow Changes

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  • Interfacility Transfer Workflow Changes
There have been a few important changes to prescriber workflows for Interfacility Transfers (IFTs). Prescribers transferring patients to any facility, now including Continuing Care and Supportive Living sites, must use the "Interfacility Transfer" navigator, which remains a tab within the “Discharge” activity. There is also a new section for IFTs to out-of-province acute care. All workflow changes have been built into the IFT navigator (for both prescribers and nursing/unit clerks). The navigator contains the updated instructions to follow. 

There are two key reasons for the workflow changes:
  1. IFT to non-Connect Care facility – The previous workflow of creating an “IFT Orders Note” caused confusion, due to multiple differing medication lists being produced and sent; there was no prescription for new or changed medications, and the Connect Care system was left with an incorrect home med list. The IFT Orders Note is now only required for IFTs to out-of-province acute care, with the workflow detailed in the embedded navigator instructions, as well as a new tip sheet.
  2. IFT to Connect Care facility – New launching Continuing Care sites that will be receiving transfers from Acute Care can have AHS or non-AHS pharmacies, each with differing Connect Care tools needed for preparing their transfer medication lists. It is not reasonable for the transferring most responsible provider (MRP) to know the pharmacy set up for all the Continuing Care facilities – but the system does know. By streaming all IFTs through the IFT navigator, the tools that the MRP needs will automatically be presented within the IFT navigator. The IFT navigator indicates whether the receiving facility is on Connect Care or not, and the MRP then chooses “IFT to Connect Care” or “IFT to non-Connect Care”. For Continuing Care facilities on Connect Care, the IFT navigator will give the tools to turn all orders into signed and held orders if the pharmacy is on Connect Care, or will give the tools for turning the medication orders into prescriptions and an After Visit Summary and Med Rec for Community Pharmacy Report if the pharmacy is a community pharmacy.
Note that, previously, transfers to Supportive Living facilities were done through the main Discharge navigator tab rather than the IFT navigator; as of Launch 8 (May 4), any attempted transfer to a Connect Care Supportive Living facility done through the main Discharge navigator tab will not work.  

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