Prescriber Specimen Collection - New Workflow

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  • Prescriber Workflow for Printing Specimen Collection Labels
As of May 6, 2023, a new workflow allows prescribers to print labels as part of specimen collection, if they prefer to do this step themselves. Most prescribers select a "virtual department" when logging in to Connect Care; for these users, the lab system does not automatically understand which lab to send the specimen to. To ensure the appropriate lab location is selected when prescribers are printing specimen labels, the new workflow requires prescribers using a virtual department to change their login department ("context"):
  • Inpatient and Ambulatory: Prescribers must change their context to manage the lab. Choose the appropriate site-specific specimen collection department (e.g., CGY FMC Specimen Collect, EDM RAH Specimen Collect).
  • Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine: Prescribers do not have to change their context to manage the lab. Labs can be managed from the Order activity, under the "Manage Labs" tab.
Note that the current workflow of asking for assistance from nursing staff for specimen label printing can still be used.

For more information on the prescriber workflow for printing specimen labels, see the tip sheet. A demo also shows how to change contexts.