Connect Care Mobility Cannot Find a Network Connection

Problem: Users of Connect Care mobility (Haiku, Canto) may receive messages that the mobile application ("app") cannot establish a network connection, possibly after a system upgrade.

Context: The Connect Care mobile apps (Haiku for smartphones and Canto for iPads) are managed by another application called "Workspace One" from vmWare. This includes a "Tunnel" app that takes care of establishing a secure virtual private network (VPN) for clinical apps to use when communicating with their server. 

The Tunnel app may update automatically, and an update may include a new copyright or privacy notice. Users who are unaware of this may try to use Connect Care mobile apps without realizing that the VPN is not activated. The mobile app will fail to logon, giving a message to the effect that a network connection to its server cannot be established.

The Tunnel VPN may also fail if the user's device is already connected to a personal or enterprise VPN, as there can be a conflict.

Solution: When confronted with a network connection error message when trying to login to Haiku or Canto, be sure to open the Tunnel app and take care of any alerts or messages there. Also consider whether an independent VPN service needs to be turned off in order for the Connect Care VPN to activate.