Dragon Medical One Upgrades

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  • Dragon Medical One upgrades
A recent Dragon Medical One (DMO) upgrade brings in a few new features:
  • Dynamic microphone selection: You no longer need to exit and relaunch DMO to choose a new audio input. To switch microphones while using DMO, use the Dragon "flame" menu. 

  • Access online learning videos within DMO: Using the verbal command "open training" or "show training" will bring up a catalogue of short demonstration videos. Topics include:
    • Getting Started
    • Increasing Productivity
    • Additional Features
    • Administrative Tools
  • Spelling mode: Following the use of the verbal command "spell out", users can then spell unusual terms or acronyms, uncommon names, or special characters. The characters can be spoken using either standard letter pronunciation or the NATO phonetic alphabet (e.g., Alpha, Bravo).

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