Simpler Connect Care Referral Orders

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  • Change to Connect Care Referral Orders - Internal/External
Connect Care is making some changes to referral workflows, to ensure that closed loop communication is maintained. Prescribers will see some minor changes to referral (to ambulatory services) order composers starting January 21, 2021.

Previously, an "internal state" workflow was available to address situations in zones where some services are on Connect Care and others are not. This workflow is eliminated. It is simpler to think of just two workflows, one for referrals that are "internal" because both the order (request) and the response (outpatient service) occur where Connect Care is the record of care; and another for referrals that are "outgoing" because the receiving service is not on Connect Care. 

If the "Internal Referral" button is selected, the order composer adjusts to show only those services currently using Connect Care (no future wave sites). If the user does not find the desired service there, then the "Outgoing Referral" button can be selected to expose options for sending the referral to an external service.

Referral norms and processes are covered in the Connect Care Physician Manual: