Patient Name Enhancements

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  • Patient Name Enhancements
We've previously posted about enhancements to Connect Care text automation tools (.e.g, SmartLinks, SmartPhrases) to make sure that patients' affirmed names are used appropriately. 
As of September 17, 2020 Connect Care SmartLinks referring to the Patient’s name are changed to link to affirmed (preferred) name, rather than legal name. This change aligns with the AHS directive to address patients by their affirmed name whenever possible; while legal name should only be used when legally or clinically required and should always be accompanied by affirmed name. 
This change is noticeable in some SmartTexts and SmartPhrases, as elsewhere in the system most often uses affirmed name already. The following SmartLink Mnemonic (prompts) are changed from linking to legal name to affirmed name:
  • FNAME – affirmed first name
  • AHSNAME – affirmed full name
  • NAME – affirmed full name
  • PATFIRSTNAME – affirmed first name
  • PATIENTNAME – affirmed full name