Help!... Haiku stopped working after a scheduled Downtime

Problem: Users of Connect Care mobility (Haiku, Canto) may find that they cannot log on to the application(s) after a system upgrade (e.g., September 2020 Upgrade).

Context: Mobile apps are continually improved, just as desktop interfaces (Hyperspace) are improved through periodic updates and upgrades. Some upgrades may be significant enough that a recent version of the mobile app is needed to communicate with system servers. However, mobile applications on user devices are largely under user control. Not everyone configures for automatic updates. It is a good practice to update the mobile app(s) periodically. The best time to do this is immediately after a system upgrade (watch the blogs).

Solution: Although Haiku and Canto can be updated from iOS or Android app stores, best practice is to do a re-install from the Workspace One "Catalog" installed on user devices when Connect Care Mobility is first enabled (see Manual).

Open the "Catalog" app, look for the Haiku or Canto listing, and select the "Installed" or "Install" button. It does not matter that the app is already installed. Re-installing updates to the latest version compatible with Connect Care servers, while preserving important configuration settings.

The most recent version of Haiku at the time of the September Upgrade is 9.4.2.