Haiku and Canto problems post-upgrade

Problem: Haiku (SmartPhone) and Canto (iPad) users may have trouble opening their Connect Care mobile apps after the system upgrade of March 12, 2020. The following message may appear at attempted logon:

Context: Connect Care upgraded its instance of Epic software, including the systems supporting mobile applications. The mobile applications also need updating. The version should be 9.2 (version information can be found by going to mobile system settings for "Haiku" or "Canto" and scrolling to view the version number) and should have been updated automatically. Some users may not have received the update.

Solution: Delete the mobile app from your mobile device. Reboot the device. Open the "Catalog" app that was installed when originally activating Connect Care mobile apps (see installing mobility in Connect Care Physician Manual). Re-install Canto or Haiku (even if the Catalog indicates that it is already installed). Remember to give the install a lot of time because configuration files are sent after the app itself is installed.