Mobile Microsoft Outlook App no longer working with AHS email

Problem #1: Physicians who use personal mobile devices and the Microsoft Outlook mobile app for access to AHS email and calendars are noticing calendar gaps, lack of appointment reminders or apparent loss of emails.

Context #1: A legacy AHS Communication Server supports email and calendar services. This is being upgraded. However, many physicians remain on the older server until a satisfactory physician configuration for the new server can be confirmed. Microsoft has recently changed its software in a way that blocks the ability of its current generation mobile app (Outlook for iOS and Android) to communicate with the older server (no longer supported).

Solution #1: There is no way to reliably use Outlook mobile with the older communications server. Physicians can, however, use other mobile mail and calendar clients (e.g., Apple Mail, Spark, etc.). Instructions for connecting to AHS email with native iOS and Android clients are available.

Problem #2: Physicians who have used personal mobile devices for access to AHS email and calendars may notice sudden disruption of service.

Context #2: Although we are avoiding physician transitions to the new communications server, some physicians contracted to AHS have already been transitioned. There are new constraints that affect how mobile email and calendar access can work. The Microsoft Outlook app must be used (no other email or calendar apps will work with the new AHS configuration) and must be deployed through the same secure channel used for Connect Care mobile apps (Workspace ONE).

Solution #2: Affected physicians should receive instructions about installing and using Workspace ONE. This will allow Outlook to be used for mail and calendar access. The CMIO portfolio is working with AHS communications to prepare physicians for this change.