Inability to Launch Multiple Instances of Netcare within Connect Care

Problem: That the Netcare electronic health record can be launched in-context (opened to the same patient) within the Connect Care clinical information system is a great convenience. Netcare contains historical data going back further than Connect Care.

That Connect Care can manage multiple patient charts open at the same time is also convenient.

That Netcare can only be open in one Connect Care chart at a time is an annoyance. If Netcare has been opened within one Connect Care chart, then it must be closed before it can be opened in a second chart open within Connect Care at the same time that another chart is still open.

Considerations: Netcare launches within an internet browser control in Connect Care's hyperspace. Some slick informatics allows single-sign-on and automated patient lookup. However, Netcare is specifically designed to prevent more than one instance at a time. This is a safety measure. It prevents contamination of one Netcare chart display with information from a different chart.

Solution: The inability to open Netcare within more than one chart at a time is a 'feature' of the Netcare software. We do not anticipate this changing anytime soon. Prescribers wanting to open Netcare within Connect Care are advised to either open only one Connect Care chart at a time or to close Netcare before switching to a second opened Connect Care chart wherein Netcare is to be re-launched.