Connect Care Fixes Review - Week 2

There are way too many responses to user requests (some of which are fixes) to keep up! Some recent highlights...
  • Laboratory Test Orders Add-On Default:The clinical information system (CIS) had been configured to default to using prior blood draws, if within 1 day and sample still available in the lab; a sensible effort to decrease phlebotomies. Even though some settings and test types were excluded, we've noted unhelpful confusion among providers. Accordingly, clinical system design oversight decided to turn this default off for all tests. The CIS continues to allow prescribers to optionally click the button to add a test to a prior draw, and decision supports suggest this when a potentially reasonable action.
  • Cutover Pre-Op Orders:
    Transcription of some pre-op orders from paper to CIS pre-surgical plans did not happen. A workgroup has been formed and appropriate preparations and pre-ordering is being implemented by CMIO and other resources.
  • Result Review Test Ordering:
    The results review activity is taking shape in a way that is more recognizable for former eCLINICIAN and Netcare users. A number of technical and clinical resources are collaborating to ensure that the folder structure fits Alberta norms and that all tests are appropriated allocated and order. Sufficient progress has been made to activate the clinical grouping today. Many physicians participate in the validation process.
  • Computers on Wheels in Surgery:
    Hearing that there may not be sufficient device-density in the operating room area, computers on wheels have been redeployed to address the need.
  • Phone Book Access:
    Some trainees and a few prescribers lacked access to the Connect Care phone book, where it is important to confirm one's contact particulars for professional communications. The correct template settings are now applied and all should be able to use this tool.