Should I be Worried: Mobility Management seems to want to Control my Device?

Problem: Knowing that Connect Care mobility (Haiku, Canto, PowerMic Mobile) is important for personalization workshops, participants are encouraged to pre-install. But setting up the secure "bubble" that the clinical apps are installed into can be scary. Some Apple warnings seem to imply that one forfeits all control of one's device!

Cause: In an abundance of caution, Apple posts worst-case warnings. But Connect Care's use of mobility management is very limited, affecting only AHS clinical applications stored a sandboxed virtual space created on the mobile device. This allows those apps, including Haiku, Canto and PowerMic Mobile, to be automatically configured, updated, maintained and protected. They can be deleted in the event of device loss or theft. It is okay to tap "Install". One's personal apps, settings and device are untouched; and not monitored.

Solution: The rationale for, and benefits of, clinical mobile app management are explained in a Connect Care Mobility FAQ provided with installation tip sheets. Have a quick skim to understand what the install process does.... and definitely does not do.