Launch 6 Support Hot Topics - Week 2

This combined posting is updated throughout the second week of launch support, accumulating needs raised in prescriber huddles, with links to support information. Consider looking back each day. 
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Use Virtual Drop-in Support for Complex Issues
  • Super Users are a great first point of contact when you need help, alongside the Helpdesk for urgent issues.
  • For less pressing and more complex issues (e.g., help with using the Discharge navigator), reminder that the Virtual Drop-in Centre is open 08:00–20:00 daily, including over the long weekend (May 20–22). The Virtual Drop-in will continue to be open until June 2. 
  • The Site Drop-in Centres in Calgary and Edmonton Zones (RGH, SHC, GNCH, MCH) are also still open, up to and including this Friday, May 19, 10:00–18:00. The Site Drop-ins will be closed for the long weekend (May 20–22).
    • NEW: The Site Drop-in Centres have been extended into next week, reopening Tuesday, May 23. 
  • For details on how to access/find the Virtual and Site Drop-ins, including updated hours and posters, see
Secure Chat and Sticky Notes
  • The Secure Chat and Sticky Note functions in Connect Care should only be used for non-urgent communication and reminders, not for urgent messages, clinical documentation, or orders.
  • Secure Chat messages are purged after 30 days. The persistence of Sticky Notes depends on the type.
  • Secure Chat messages and Sticky Notes do not form part of the legal record of care.
  • See the Secure Chat and Sticky Notes sections of the Connect Care Manual for more information, as well as the Communication Norms.
Patient Movement: Interfacility Transfers (IFTs)
  • Remember that all acute care sites in Calgary, Central, and Edmonton Zones are now fully on Connect Care. For acute care transfers in these zones, ensure the Connect Care site to Connect Care site workflow in the Interfacility Transfer Navigator (located within the Discharge tab) is used. This makes it much easier for the accepting physician to manage the admission to their site, and prevents a good deal of duplicate work, including entering medications.
  • For a summary on IFTs, see this Countdown Checklist blog post and this infographic for admitted patients. Further information (including other IFT workflows) is available in the IFT section of the Connect Care Manual.