Launch 4 Support Hot Topics - Week 3

This posting lists a few new or persisting issues raised in prescriber huddles during the third week of launch support, with links to support information. Consider looking back at previous Hot Topics posts. 

    • Provider Care Team Lists
      • Reports from multiple zones have identified an issue with providers dropping off of Provider Care Team lists for unknown reasons. The issue is currently being investigated by IT.
      • Until the issue is resolved, it is recommended to print your patient list for cross-reference. Ensure you log a ticket if you notice this behaviour as we continue to try and find out why this is happening.
    • Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE), Verbal/Telephone Orders, and Mobility Apps
      • Information on CPOE can be found in a Countdown Checklist post, a general blog post, and the Clinical Ordering Norms section of the Connect Care Manual.
      • There will be situations when prescribers cannot be expected to place time-sensitive orders directly and require the assistance of a qualified healthcare professional to transcribe important clinical instructions. Allowed exceptions to prescriber order-entry fall into three categories, each explained and exemplified in FAQ and Order Norms documents: protocolized orders, urgent verbal orders, and urgent telephone orders.
      • In ordering – as in all other clinical activities – patient care and safety come first. If there is an urgent or emergent circumstance affecting a patient’s care, verbal or telephone orders may be appropriate and can be allowed. See this memo for further details. For additional information on team collaboration for verbal and telephone orders, see the work package for prescribers and nurses, and, for nurses and allied health professionals, the decision-making guide and paging etiquette guide.
      • As mobility apps are not required and not all prescribers have them, mobility apps should not be considered part of the ordering workflow.
    • Death Certification - Paper Process
      • Reminder that death certification is one of the few tasks that can only be completed on paper, as the Province of Alberta does not yet support digital death certification.
      • See the blog post for more information.
    • Virtual Drop-In Support
      • The In-person Drop-in Centres are closed for the weekend, June 18-19.
      • The Virtual Drop-in Centre remains available, to both end users and Super Users requiring additional support, 08:00-21:00 until June 26. To access, go to using a computer or smartphone, or via the QR code found on the Launch Supports posters up in sites (or using a smartphone camera for audio-only help.