Launch 4 Support Hot Topics - Day 2

Daily postings on this channel address needs raised in prescriber huddles, with links to support information. Content may be added throughout the day, and is locked in around 17:00; any additional hot topics after this time will be posted separately. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting(s).

  • Provider Care Team (PCT) and Specialty Service - For prescribers with inpatients in hospital during cutover transition
    • PCTs and Specialty Service are used for prescribers to track their patients. Due to the cutover process, some PCT lists are currently not populating correctly. In an effort to fix this, in some cases individual users have been manually creating lists or adding “Admit to Inpatient” Orders on top of the “Cutover Admit Order”, resulting in unexpected system behaviour including patients dropping off of PCT lists, or appearing on different PCT lists. See the memo for more details.
    • Prescribers should stop trying to add an “Admit to Inpatient” order in addition to the “Cutover Admit Order”, since this creates a duplicate bed request and impacts patient lists. Prescribers should also pause creating manual lists, as they will continue to be unstable as we address these issues over the next 24 hours. Nursing staff will be asked to validate the Patient Care Team and Specialty Service for the patients they are caring for, and if an issue is identified, call a team involving a prescriber to help resolve. 
    • We will continue to monitor the issue. 
    • NOTE: All newly admitted patients should follow the standard admission navigator workflow. 
  • Verbal Communication
    • Connect Care clinical communication norms detail the importance of verbal communication for urgent care matters and issues impacting patient disposition. See the Communication Norms section in the Connect Care Manual for more information.
  • Printing Tips
    • Some printing tasks in Connect Care are driven by system settings (e.g., label printing), while other tasks use printers mapped to the current workstation in a way that the user may be able to modify.
    • For help with printing issues, see the Printing Tips section of the Connect Care Manual. The section links to a number of resources such as a tip sheet on Virtual Local Printing (VLP), which allows users to select the preferred printer and retain it for all future printing.
  • Finding the Chart of an Unborn Baby
    • When a laboring mother is admitted, a “pended baby” chart is created that can have orders applicable once the baby arrives. Prescriber orders on pended baby charts are signed and held, and can be released when the baby is born.
    • A tip sheet provides additional instructions on the Newborn Nursery Workflow.