Launch 4 Support Hot Topics - Pre-Launch Week

This combined posting is updated throughout the week leading up to launch day, accumulating any pre-launch issues that have been identified, with links to support information. 
A daily Hot Topics post will begin May 28, 2022.
  • Cutover Prescriber Tasks
    • Non-medication orders - Prescribers need to complete a Cutover Non-Medication Orders paper form listing cutover non-medication orders. This form must be reviewed and signed by the prescriber, regardless if it is completed manually or is a report printed from Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM).
    • Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) - Prescribers must review/complete and sign the current paper Admission BPMH/Medication Reconciliation form if this was not already completed on admission, in order for nursing to transcribe it through launch.
  • Lab Result Component Information (Calgary Launch 4 Sites Only)
    • There may be some areas in Connect Care where a lab result component will not appear if it’s coming from the legacy lab system in Calgary (Millennium). Examples of areas in the system being analyzed are Best Practice Advisories (BPAs), graphs, flowsheets, SmartTools and reports. 
    • Until all build is analyzed and updated, clinicians should utilize the "Chart Review" activity as part of their workflow to review these lab results. 
    • If a prescriber sees an area in the system where they expect a value and it does not appear, please log a ticket. 
    • The Millennium interface is working as expected. Patient lab results coming from this interface are routing as expected and will be available in Chart Review and Netcare. 
  • Mixed-Context Providers