Why is the Playground available only 2 days a week?

Problem: We've heard concern from some users that a "Playground" for testing and practicing learnings is only open 2 days a week. But basic training participants are asked to practice with homework exercises; anytime and anywhere.

Cause: There is a misunderstanding based upon multiple uses of the term "Playground". There is a drop-in centre that is "open" in the 4th floor atrium of the Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a venue where clinicians can use workstations to try things out and ask questions. The emphasis is on dabbling with different computer and device user interfaces.

But this drop-in centre is not the "PLY" (Play) environment that clinicians can access to practice lessons from basic training. Once registered for training, clinicians should expect to find PLY among the clinical information system "environments" that they can launch from their unified access portal (see Manual for easy access instructions) at myapps.ahs.ca.

Solution: Clinicians should work on post-basic practice exercises using the online PLY environment provided. If this does not appear in one's myapps.ahs.ca applications, contact help.cmio@ahs.ca to report and get a fix.