Launch 5 Support Hot Topics - Day 4

Daily postings on this channel address needs raised in prescriber huddles, with links to support information. Content is published around 17:30; any additional hot topics after this time will be posted the following day. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting.

  • Wet Signature Prescriptions and E-Prescribing
    • The Connect Care team is actively working with the Alberta College of Pharmacy and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta to specify acceptable standards for direct electronic transmission and authentication of outpatient prescriptions at community pharmacies.
    • We recognize that the current state of having to provide wet signatures on outbound prescriptions from Connect Care is not optimal, and appreciate your patience as we obtain the necessary provincial approvals for direct prescribing from Connect Care.
  • Ambulatory Outpatient Referrals
    • "Consult" requests relate to assessments to be done within the current encounter and are entered from inpatient and emergency orders activities. "Referral" requests relate to assessments that will be done outside or after the current inpatient or emergency encounter and are entered using the "External Orders" tab of orders activities.
    • Outpatient services that use Connect Care as the record of care are "internal" referral resources. Outpatient services that are not on Connect Care are "outgoing", or external, referral resources. This status is selected when entering the referral order.
    • All referrals originating in Connect Care must be placed as a referral order, regardless of whether or not the referred service provider/clinic is using Connect Care. This ensures that a record of the referral exists in the legal record of care. 
    • See the Referral Workflows section of the Connect Care Manual for more information, as well as the following resources:
  • Secure Chat and Sticky Notes
    • The Secure Chat and Sticky Note functions in Connect Care should only be used for non-urgent communication and reminders, not for urgent messages or clinical documentation.
    • Secure Chat messages and Sticky Notes are purged after 30 days. Secure Chat messages and Sticky Notes do not form part of the chart.
    • See the Secure Chat and Sticky Notes sections of the Connect Care Manual for more information, as well as the Communication Norms.