Wave 3 Launch Support Hot Topics - Week 2

While this channel has highlighted post-launch needs identified in physician huddles, the launch has gone well and things have stabilized. This combined Wave 3 Week 2 posting is updated throughout the week, accumulating any new issues while also indicating issue resolution. 

  • Clarify Options for Reflecting On-call Coverage in Connect Care
    • Responding to user requests, new supports have been developed to highlight how Connect Care tools can be used to reflect changes in attending and on-call prescriber status, with a new Manual section, Tip sheet and FAQ.
  • Documenting COVID-19 Immunizations
    • As the order build for COVID-19 immunizations is currently in progress, documentation in Connect Care is not yet automatic. 
    • On the process for manually recording past vaccinations not captured in Connect Care, see a new bulletintip, and Manual section.
  • Mobility Apps: Haiku and Canto
    • The Haiku app on Android mobile devices lacks some of the functionality available on iOS mobile devices, particularly for inpatient quick order tools. Also, ordering from iOS devices is limited to preference lists. See this FAQ for considerations when selecting a mobile device that will best fit your clinical needs.
    • The job type you can log in to in Hyperspace can be affected by whether there is a simultaneously open Haiku or Canto session, as explained in a new FAQ.
    • Not all lab results are available to Haiku or Canto. A default lookback period (2 years for outpatient labs; 1 week for inpatient labs) ensures that the apps remain quickly responsive, even on slow networks, while not consuming too much of a user's mobile data allowance. A working group is investigating whether the lookback periods should be modified post-Wave 3, as explained in a FAQ and a general blog.
  • Virtual Drop-in Centre Hours
    • Now that we're in the second week, launch support via the Virtual Drop-in Centre is scaled back to daytime hours.
    • The schedule and information about after-hours CMIO support is available in a post and in the Manual.
  • Handoff Tool
    • Resources are being developed to highlight how Connect Care's Handoff tool is used to support patient handovers between providers.
  • Requesting Therapy Plans in Other Facilities
    • For a prescriber to request a therapy plan at a facility where they do not have privileges (especially in EDs that may not have appointment scheduling capacity or a clear most responsible provider), there needs to be direct communication between the prescriber and responsible provider at the facility that will enact a therapy plan.
    • Facility-specific workflows may be determined in collaboration with a Zone Medical Director.
    • Planning is underway for longer-term (post-Wave 3) solutions to accommodate variances in where and by whom therapy plans can be ordered and enacted.
  • Taking Care When Ordering Tests
    • Some prescribers may struggle when finding the right test for a specific clinical purpose, while being mindful of what may be locally available.
    • A new FAQ offers some advice.
  • Pocket Card Handouts for CMIO User Supports
    • A handout-ready card has been prepared that Super Users, Medical Informatics Leads, Trainers and others can use to remind Wave 3 initiates about where to get help.
  • Results Routing at Discharge
    • Specific questions are raised about how results for tests ordered at discharge, where the intent is that the test be performed AFTER discharge. A Manual section is updated.
  • Medication Start Times
    • A bulletin has been posted to remind inpatient prescribers of the importance of medication start times.
  • Patient Lists
    • An updated list of Provider Teams has been added to the Manual, organized by Wave.

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