Wave 3 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 6

Daily postings on this channel address needs raised in physician huddles, with links to support information. Content is locked in at 16:00, and any additional hot topics after this time will be posted separately. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting(s).

  • Nursing Communication Orders for Rapid Response
    • Some Wave 3 sites continue to work out how their Rapid Response nursing protocols can reflect most responsible provider engagement and endorsement.
    • While the processes need to be worked out as matters of norms and change management, this situation illustrates a possible use of "communication orders" to support initiation of protocolized actions. 
    • A new Manual section and FAQ relate.  
  • Finding Upcoming Encounters
    • Some prescribers have reported difficulty finding encounters of interest. 
    • tip is developed, a FAQ posted and both and linked to comments newly added to the Manual.
  • Setting Up a My Consults List
    • Some users do not have a "My Consults" patient list in the personal lists area of the Patient Lists activity. A method used to set up a custom list was not working.
    • Instructions are posted respecting the safest way to track one's patient attachments of the "consult" type... and to set up a My Consults folder.
    • The Patient Lists section of the Manual is updated.
  • Prescription Refill Workflows
    • There are frustrations in the early days post-launch for outpatient prescribers managing large volumes of prescription refill requests from pharmacies.
    • Prior guidance about the need to record a prescription refill in Connect Care is reinforced, while posting a FAQ reassuring that pharmacy-provided refill forms can be signed and returned (avoiding a print-sign-scan-fax workflow).
  • Need for Local Scanner/PDF-Attach Support in Consent Navigator
    • Some surgical office assistants have struggled with remote addition of scanned consent documents to the chart. 
    • A meeting of stakeholders was held to illustrate any challenges. The technology is working but there are opportunities to emphasize a few tips that will address challenges. Training is aware.
  • Attaching Media (documents, images) to Patient Charts
    • A related user request sought simple prescriber-friendly guidance about how to capture and attach documents to patient charts, or insert clinical images directly into notes.
    • The Manual entry for attaching documents/objects to patient charts is updated to highlight prescriber-friendly workflows for scanning, importing or otherwise working with Media Manager. A relevant Tippy is updated and re-posted.
  • Generating Reports Specific to a Provider's Activities During a Defined Period
    • Already Wave 3 users express interest in how they might use Connect Care to generate a report of their patient-related activities for a defined period.
    • We may turn specific request(s) into examples that others can emulate.
    • For now, a section of the Manual has been updated.
  • Results Routing for Locum Prescribers
    • Challenges with different options for locum prescribers to receive or delegate test results related to a specific work assignment are being explored, with intent to produce a simplified summary of issues and options.
  • Orders for Specific Rapid COVID-19 Testing
    • Some Wave 3 prescribers wish to order a new Rapid-testing assay newly available but not on their facility list. 
    • The Components committee is looking at options for extending the current integrated testing order panel.

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