Wave 3 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 5

Daily postings on this channel address needs raised in physician huddles, with links to support information. Content is locked in at 16:00, and any additional hot topics after this time will be posted separately. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting(s).

  • Login for Shared Clinical Workstations
    • It is very important to ALWAYS log in to an AHS computer workstation (and then Connect Care) with one's own unique credentials (user name and password), and then to log off of both Connect Care and the workstation before leaving the device. This prevents "session stealing" and other information system challenges. "Generic" logins should not be used. 
    • An updated FAQ addresses the previous practice of using generic logins, and a bulletin details logging off/tapping out.  
  • Post-Admission Alerts when ED organizes Admission
    • Workflows for emergency physicians who organize and implement admissions (more common at Wave 3 sites) expressed concern about intrusive alerts.
    • The associated workflow is being simplified to avoid a superfluous popup.
  • Admitting vs. Attending vs. Authorizing Prescriber
    • Wave 3 inpatient services are getting used to a variety of admission workflows, including those where an ED prescriber does an admission overnight that a hospitalist takes responsibility for in the morning.
    • It is important to recognize the primary importance of the "Attending" (Most Responsible Healthcare Provider) prescriber attachment to a patient and to firm-up processes for ensuring that this status is updated as clinicians handover. An enhanced Manual section is released today along with a linked tip.
  • Finding Upcoming Encounters
    • Some prescribers have reported difficulty finding past encounters of interest. 
    • A tip is developed and linked to comments newly added to the Manual.
  • Sticky Notes
    • Reminder that Sticky Notes do not form part of the chart and should not be used for orders or care notes/documentation. They can be very useful for multidisciplinary team, most responsible provider and specialty reminders.
    • See yesterday's posting on communication norms for more information and note the Manual section about Sticky Notes.
  • Virtual Drop-In Support
    • The Virtual Drop-in Centre is available, to both end users and Super Users requiring additional support, 24/7 for the first post-launch week. To access, go to virtualhelp.connect-care.ca using a computer or smartphone or via the QR code found on the Launch Supports poster up in sites (or the Manual) using a smartphone camera for audio-only help. 
  • Connect Care to Netcare
    • Some Wave 3 users have asked about how to tell if a Connect Care documentation object (e.g., progress note) will be shared with Netcare.
    • A general blog posting reminds about how Connect Care to Netcare document sharing works.

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