Wave 3 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 4

Daily postings on this channel address needs raised in physician huddles, with links to support information. Content is locked in at 16:00, and any additional hot topics after this time will be posted separately. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting(s).

  • Ordering Therapy Plan Treatments in EDs
    • Therapy plan treatments may require visits scheduled in emergency departments (EDs), a workflow more common Wave 3. However, the best way to facilitate scheduling differs from site to site.
    • A tip sheet has been published, linked to an addition to the Manual and a new FAQ posting.
  • Virtual Drop-In Support
    • The Virtual Drop-in Centre is available, to both end users and Super Users requiring additional support, 24/7 for the first post-launch week. To access, go to virtualhelp.connect-care.ca using a computer or smartphone or via the QR code found on the Launch Supports poster up in sites (or the Manual) using a smartphone camera for audio-only help. 
  • Entering Orders on Behalf of Another Provider
    • If a provider must enter an order on behalf of the Ordering Provider, the correct Authorizing Provider must be selected via the Options >> Providers drop-down menu (in the Orders sidebar) to avoid incorrect results routing.
    • Note that entering an order for another provider is not recommended as a routine practice, particularly if the providers have different login departments. 
    • New FAQ posted.
  • ED Prescriber Admitting to a Different Site
  • Tweaks to Discharge Report for Community Pharmacy
  • Ordering Norms
  • Communication Norms
    • A new blog posting emphasizes that secure messaging should not be used as a surrogate for order entry. If one can secure-message, one can and should do CPOE. Secure messaging is not an appropriate communications tool for "verbal" orders.
  • Connect Care to Netcare
    • Some Wave 3 users have asked about how to tell if a Connect Care documentation object (e.g., progress note) will be shared with Netcare.
    • The April 14 general blog posting reminds about how Connect Care to Netcare document sharing works.
  • Connect Care to Community EMR
    • Wave 3 users have also asked about whether and how Connect Care documentation can be shared with Community Electronic Medical Records served by "eDelivery".
    • This is an area where important new capabilities are soon to be released. What and how to communicate is under consideration. Prior messaging needs to be updated.

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