Wave 3 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 2

Daily postings on this channel address needs raised in physician huddles, with links to support information. Content is locked in at 16:00, and any additional hot topics after this time will be posted separately. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting(s).
  • Blood Product Information System
  • Dose Ranges in Medication Orders
    • Pharmacy has noted difficulty fulfilling some PRN orders containing instructions for dosing within pre-defined ranges. Dose ranges that are too wide create dispensing challenges when the range exceeds what can be covered within a particular medication concentration (strength).
    • Prescriber best practices, highlighted in the Manual, are re-emphasized.
  • Printer Mapping
    • A common early post-launch challenge relates to ensuring that all clinical workstations are mapped to appropriate local printers. This work continues as problems are discovered.
    • Prescribers are reminded about the difference between printing tasks that are subject to system-set printer mappings versus other tasks where the user can control the print location.
  • Provider Teams
    • Post-launch, a need for some additional inpatient provider teams (important to Patient Lists) has been identified and the needed teams are being created.
  • Therapy Plans and Departments
    • Some NZ departments are not available in relevant pick-lists within therapy plans.
    • A rapid configuration tweak is underway.
  • Cardioversion Information Flows
    • An opportunity for additional training and change-management support has been identified, without need for Connect Care build changes or optimizations.
  • Medical Scribes
    • As in prior waves, questions are raised about ordering norms and how they apply to situations where there may be a duty to accommodate.
    • Related questions about the possible use of "medical scribes" provide opportunity to remind prescribers that any exceptions to Connect Care ordering norms must be formally requested and approved, and that substitute ordering can only be done in a pre-approved way where the involved extended-role non-prescribers are appropriately trained and AHS-certified.
  • Problem List Management
    • Team members have commented about the number of Wave 3 charts that lack problem lists reflecting patients' health conditions.
    • Problem list management is very important to do, but a bit daunting early in one's Connect Care experience.
    • A new series of Problem Power Tips is started in the Connect Care Tips channel. 

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