Trouble Subscribing to Connect Care Blogs

Problem: Some users report trouble subscribing to one or more Connect Care update blogs (bytes, tips, questions, support) for clinicians. They enter a valid email address in the "Follow (subscribe)" box to the right and click on "Submit", but then receive a message like this:

Considerations: Our blogging channels use Google's "FeedBurner" technology. This supports subscriptions for receiving new postings via email. The same technology underpins newsfeed (RSS) and Twitter feeds for the blogging channels.

If a user is logged on to another instance of Google's business productivity applications, the Internet browser may be using Google enterprise settings from that service. The other organization may not allow blog subscriptions for its own instances of Google blogging software.

The commonest conflict occurs when a user has an organizational instance of Google Mail (GMail) open within the Internet browser. Both the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary have enterprise GMail services.

Solution: The fix is usually easy. 

  • Log out of any enterprise GMail (e.g., UofA or UofC webmail) within the browser. 
  • Close all browser tabs. 
  • Look to the browser menu and seek a command for clearing the browser "cache" or "history". 
  • Sometimes it helps to close then reopen the browser. 
  • Return to before opening anything else. 
  • Select the channel (e.g., bytes, tips, FAQ, Support; via top button bar) you wish to subscribe to.
  • Enter your email in the "Subscribe" field in the right column and proceed.

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