Wave 2 Launch Support Hot Topics - Week 02

While this channel has highlighted post-launch needs identified in physician huddles, things have already stabilized and so this week 2 posting will be updated throughout the week. 
  • Print Routing
  • In Basket Cleanup
    • Some providers experience large numbers of In Basket messages related to cutover activities for Wave 2. Tips to be posted this week to illustrate how to manage these in batch.
  • Missed Cutover Admission Order & MedRec
    • If an admission order was missed, or medication reconciliation was not completed at Wave 2 cutover, efforts to discharge the patient post-launch can be blocked.
    • ✅Instructions are prepared and promoted, with a Support posting, updated Manual section and new Tip.
  • Phases of Care
    • A workgroup continues to investigate any reports of surgical orders not anchored to a phase of care. Solutions are emerging.
    • ✅No technical or configuration problems have been found, with no evidence of a build issue. Resolution through training and workflow.
  • Leave of Absence for Procedure
    • Some providers have struggled with workflows associated with leave of absence for a procedure at another facility.
    • ✅The Manual has been updated and a new Tip sheet provided with clear step-by-step guidance for prescribers.
  • Duplicate Order Warnings related to Phase of Care
    • A cause has been identified for some inappropriate duplicate orders warnings related to phases of care. 
    • ✅A fix has been found and is implemented the afternoon of November 4, 2020.
  • Order Management
    • A SWAT team is assembled to investigate order use in complex teams and ensure that saved, pended and co-sign status for orders works optimally for nurses, trainees, hospitalists and consulting surgeons.
    • ✅Affect teams have adapted order signing (save, pend, sign, held, etc.) to fit with needs of surgical teams with hospitalists where surgeon in consultant role
  • Optimizing use of Treatment Teams
    • Work continues to find an optimal use of principle care provider, attending and admitting designations in obstetrics at some sites.
  • Bridging Medications
    • A team is working on optimizing workflows for the provision of "bridging" medications needed during leave of absence and some transfers.
  • Medication Reconciliation
    • A workgroup with many experienced physicians continues to unpack cutover challenges with medication reconciliation in high-volume settings.
  • Netcare eDelivery
    • ✅Unintended automatic delivery of provider-authored progress notes is fixed in a Nov 4 upgrade.

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