Wave 2 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 09

While this channel has highlighted post-launch needs identified in physician huddles, things have already stabilized and so we will no longer post daily. 
  • Fall Back Downtime
    • The autumn time change downtime went smoothly, with no issues reported by prescriber groups.
    • Congratulations to all. Preparation was excellent.
  • Phases of Care
    • A workgroup continues to investigate any reports of surgical orders not anchored to a phase of care. Solutions are emerging.
  • Order Accountability
    • Wave 2 uncovers some unique team care relationships, with shared accountability for surgical orders. 
    • A SWAT team is assembled to investigate the need and ensure that use of saved, pending and co-sign status for orders works optimally for nurses, trainees, hospitalists and consulting surgeons.
  • Netcare Adjustments
    • We reported earlier that adoption of provincial naming conventions for facilities, teams and locations resulted in some duplicate entries for services in Netcare.
    • This has been fixed.
  • Optimizing Use of Treatment Teams
    • Work continues to find an optimal use of principal care provider, attending and admitting designations in obstetrics at some sites, with the next problem-solving meeting tomorrow.
  • Dialysis
    • The adoption of Therapy Plan encounters for managing dialysis care of patients with renal failure may require some additional communication and training for prescribers, to ensure that they know how to review the content of the Therapy Plan and consider any implications for ongoing inpatient and outpatient care. 
    • Particular attention is given to dialysis sessions that involve blood product administration.

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