Wave 2 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 08

Daily postings on this channel address needs identified in physician huddles. A posting may be updated with new material multiple times in a day. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting.
  • Fall Back Downtime
    • The clock will go back an hour at 02:00 tomorrow morning, November 1, 2020.
    • Scheduled downtime procedures will be in place, as explained with links to resources on our blog posting.
    • Physicians seeking access to patient records during the downtime will use the PRDSRO environment (icon on workstation screens and MyApps) and will record orders on sheets from Downtime Toolkits available in all facilities and clinics.
  • Duplicate Orders
    • Some prescribers do not appear to be taking full advantage of the decision supports embedded in the clinical information system (CIS). In particular, possible duplicate laboratory tests are recognized by visual cues during ordering and possible duplicate meds are flagged with alerts.
    • This is an important CIS protective to heed.
  • Quick Fixes
    • Some discrepancies in the labelling of a few tests in orders and elsewhere in the chart (e.g., "creatinine, serum" and "creatinine") are resolved.
    • A tricky workflow to print DI requisitions for patients going on an LOA for procedure to non-Connect Care sites has been improved and will be in production (with automated printing) Monday.
  • In the Works
    • Phases of Care
      • Some surgery-related orders are not being associated with an appropriate phase of care.
      • A workgroup is formed and examining the misalignments.
      • The Clinical Decision Support and Components Committees are looking for any possible association with order sets and order panels.

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