Wave 2 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 07

Daily postings on this channel address needs identified in physician huddles. A posting may be updated with new material multiple times in a day. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting.
  • Physician Order Entry
    • Some practice venues adapt to digital workflows while re-negotiating how teams collaborate to ensure smooth order management. 
    • There are clear ordering norms and exception application processes, now re-surfacing as Wave 2 workflows start to stabilize. Areas of concern are being explored through facility medical leadership.
    • The Manual explains ordering norms, with links to FAQ and Norms documents.
  • Mobile Order Entry
    • It is great to find rapid uptake of Connect Care mobile solutions. The ability to enter routine orders at a distance is appreciated. However, we also appreciate that some users might need more support, as the existing mobility help is focused on getting devices activated.
    • A pool of experienced physician Haiku users will be identified and organized to increase back-up for our Super Users and trainers.
  • Quick Fixes
    • Referral Workflows
      • A few outpatient specialty services have been found that got missed when building lists of referral services in Connect Care. These are added (fixed) as soon as reported. Please continue to use ticket submissions at help.connect-care. ca.
  • In the Works
    • Phases of Care
      • Some surgery-related orders are not being associated with an appropriate phase of care.
      • A workgroup is formed and examining the misalignments.
      • The Clinical Decision Support and Components Committees are looking for any possible association with order sets and order panels.
    • Provider Teams and Women's Health group
      • A multi-stakeholder workgroup met to learn more about the challenges obstetrics experiences with designating attending providers that change every 12 hours. 
      • The functional needs are better understood and are being mapped to available Connect Care treatment teams functionality.
      • The workgroup reassembles Monday to consider alternative solutions.
    • Printing Routing Issues
      • Computer workstations appear to be routing print jobs to the wrong locations.
      • A SWAT team is formed and cases are investigated to identify devices needing re-configuration. Will report back.
      • Instructions for physicians to force prescription or requisition printing to a device of choice will be highlighted.

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