Wave 2 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 06

Daily postings on this channel address needs identified in physician huddles. A posting may be updated with new material multiple times in a day. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting.
  • Internal vs. Outgoing Referrals
    • Outpatient services that use Connect Care as the record of care are "internal" referral resources. Outpatient services that are not on Connect Care are "outgoing". The distinction is  important because it triggers a reminder to print/fax the request to external clinics.
    • The Manual has been revised to be more explicit about this branch-point in referral orders.
  • Consult vs. Referrals from ER
    • Some ER prescribers have been uncertain whether to "consult" or "refer" when seeking specialty assistance.
    • Consult orders relate to assessments to be done within the current encounter, and are entered from inpatient and emergency Orders activities (search for "consult").
    • Referral orders relate to assessments that will be done outside or after the current inpatient or emergency encounter, and are entered using the "External Orders" tab of Orders activities (see Tip). 
  • External Orders for Inpatients
    • Some clinicians struggle when seeking orders that they cannot find in the inpatient order catalogue. Usually they are trying to line up actions (e.g., procedure at another facility or follow up to occur at a clinic) that occur outside of the current admission facility.
    • Reinforce the difference between internal and external orders, as covered in today's Tippy and explained in the Manual.
  • Home Care Orders from Inpatient Facilities
    • Continuing Care Access services launch with Connect Care Wave 2, shifting home care coordination from a paper-based to digital process. Physicians may see new requests for order co-signs.
    • A new section has been added to the Manual to clarify physician accountabilities.
  • Quick Fixes
    • Wave 2 support appears to be working well. High-priority tickets are sorted within 3 hours, and ¾ of all tickets (any priority level) are already resolved.
  • In the Works
    • ECG workflows
      • Some problems with device interfaces are being worked on.
    • Protocoled orders
      • Some Wave 2 sites have solid use cases for protocoled orders but are new to how this can work in Connect Care.
      • CMIO leads are working with the teams to facilitate registration of a protocol and sharing personalizations to enable the needed team-entered orders.
      • Ordering Norms pertain.
    • Rapid Attending Changes
      • We are encountering some Wave 2 clinical contexts (e.g., Obstetrics) where attending physicians take over from one another as often as every 12 hours.
      • Fast-flipping provider schedules present challenges making sure that the "attending provider" designation is always correct, and that the right staff are attending to attending changes.
      • ➔ Workgroup activated to look into technical and change-management solutions.
    • Medication reconciliation
      • MedRec is required but not always well resourced. Information burdens increase transiently when most patients are new to Connect Care and need home medications entered and validated.
      • ➔ Workgroup activated to look into dissemination of best tricks for speeding information entry while working on organizational support options.

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