Wave 2 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 05

Daily postings on this channel address needs identified in physician huddles. A posting may be updated with new material multiple times in a day. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting.
  • Login Department for Long Term Care
    • Physicians providing care for patients at Long Term Care (LTC) settings on Connect Care should log on using a LTC virtual department (e.g., "Edmonton Zone Long Term Care").
    • The default Summary Overview that shows when LTC inpatient charts are opened has been enhanced to include the communication tools (e.g., MRHP and Team sticky notes) and information displays most important to LTC. The fix is applied to LTC and Rural MD virtual departments.
  • Tap Out - Log Out
    • Very important to log off of multi-user computer workstations if one has logged on with a Windows account.
    • This is a universal precaution and also applies when a tap card is used.
  • Keep Play to the Sandbox
    • Demonstration patients were provided in the Production (PRD) environment to facilitate prescriber personalizations pre-launch. It is very important to limit use of these charts to creating personalizations.
    • Never sign an order, communication or other action when working with a demo patient. Strictly limit use to saving lined up orders or draft documentation as personal favourites or preferences.
    • If practice with order signing workflows is needed, do so in the PLY (play sandbox) environment.
  • Quick Fixes
    • Medical student editing rights for labour and delivery documentation → fixed.
    • Alert on MAR to continuous medication administration end time → fix approved, going into PRD.
  • In the Works
    • Best workflow and CIS support for providing bridging medications for patient on pass or in transfer to Long Term Care → workgroup on this.
    • ECG best practices at Wave 2 sites → workgroup on this.

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