Wave 2 Launch Support Hot Topics - Day 02

Daily postings on this channel address needs identified in physician huddles. A posting may be updated with new material multiple times in a day. Consider looking back at the previous day's posting.
  • Netcare 'My Patients' List problems
    • A number of Wave 2 physicians note that Netcare no longer lists their patients (e.g., inpatients) in its My Patients display, which is often the default display at logon.
    • While Connect Care investigates a definitive fix, there is a work-around described in the Support Forum.
  • Connect Care Provider Teams
    • Provider Teams reflect the clinical services within a facility and are populated when patients are admitted, transferred or consulted.
    • There were a few missed teams at launch. This is fixed.
    • Some teams were not fully populated by the work of cutover. Super Users worked on Day 1 to manually compensate.
    • A list of call Provider Teams at all Wave 2 sites was added to the relevant section of the Manual.
  • Interfacility Transfers (IFT)
    • With the advent of Wave 2, we have more transfers occurring to and from Connect Care sites and from Wave 2 sites to tertiary care Connect Care sites. We have found that prior instructions were not clear enough about what providers need to do to ensure smooth transfers.
    • The relevant Clinician Manual Section has been updated and all IFT tip sheets for physicians. New tip sheets provide more precise reminders for Connect Care emergency physicians transferring patients to Connect Care and non-Connect Care sites.

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