Connect Care Day 005 Fixes

Continuing our daily tally of illustrative (selected) fixes...
  • Problem identification and resolution - physician leader huddles continue twice a day. These focus on issue identification and assignment. Most days the issue is resolved before the afternoon huddle. As we approach the end of first week post-launch, we are seeing fewer technical or configuration issues and more matters of training and norms. All problems are carefully logged and tracked. Accordingly, we'll stand down this daily report of high-level fixes. Specific challenges will continue to be documented and guided in the Tips, FAQ and Support channels.
  • When to call - physicians should be reminded to call the help desk for all pressing problems, especially anything affecting access or patient care. The online concierge is good for ensuring that less urgent matters get noted and worked on (after the high-priority tasks).
  • We have reached the 'happy' place where more tickets are closed than entered!